Micore Solutions brings together the Group Mobile opportunities. The company is a strategic play to provide opportunities for the Cellular, Retail and Repair companies that are growing into new markets all the time.

Exceeding customer expectations.

MicoreMobile serves as the support subsidiary of MicoreCellular. The manufacturing of MicoreCellular’s  influencer white label phones and accessories, provided an opportunity to offer consumers repair and logistical support, especially for those with no support from retailers. All manufactured devices include a “door to door collect and return” insurance policy that covers any accidental damage up to a certain value. MicoreMobile offers personal phone and accessory repairs, collecting from consumers and personally delivering back to them. Our partners, iWorld, Monitor Administrators and Pinnacle Marketing are national partners that have helped grow our network, seeing MicoreMobile doing repairs for brands such as Woolworths and MTN. MicoreMobile also aims to uplift the youth by providing the necessary training to young unemployed individuals to work in iWorld repair centres and stores.

Experience beyond product.

MicoreCellular manufactures and provides a range of branded and white label mobile devices and accessories to businesses and consumers in Africa and Central America. Operating both nationally and internationally, we focus on three core areas: influencer markets, wholesale supply and retail. Using celebrity influences, our manufactured phones and accessories that are a strategic fit with the celebrity’s brand, from packaging and labelling to installed graphics and sounds. Our factory mass produces on average 100 million devices annually, depending on the influencer following.

In close partnership with Beam Africa, Amplify Africa and Coke Studios Africa, we’ve worked with the likes of AKA, Kwesta, Yanga Chief, and Da Les, all who have a large following in Africa.

Internationally, we’ve secured partnerships with Mobile Network Operators in Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Our MicoreCellular custom branded devices are supported by MicoreMobile insurance, including full service logistics and, in partnership with MicoreEngage, unique customer engagement services.

MicoreCellular not only sources and supplies branded or unbranded mobile devices but also supplies mobile data from any network giving our customers access to the best deals available. 

MicoreCellular also provides full logistics and fulfilment services to our clients. We provide mobile solutions that, in most cases, combine products and services from multiple suppliers. MicoreCellular will source products or services, load custom Applications onto the devices, where necessary, arrange delivery of the “ complete package” to the clients, collect any required customer information and manage the data. 

People before systems, people before profits.

MicoreRetail recognises and expands retail opportunities from staff performance and supply chain management to strategic positioning and long-term investments, helping businesses exceed their potential. Directors of MicoreRetail boast over 100 years of collective experience across a range of industries, guiding retail owners through a strategy that minimises risk, leverages opportunities and creates a road map for success.

A key subsidiary, iWorld Retail Franchise, was formed using a ‘new generation’ approach to a cluttered industry. With a win win ethos, the business model puts people first which in turn has governed the success of the franchise.  The iWorld Brand has evolved from a single mom and pop operation to a four door compliment in KwaZulu Natal, with Master Franchise Licenses in place for both Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. MicoreRetail is a suitable partner for any retailer looking to franchise their stores.