Micore Retail recognises and expands retail opportunities from staff performance and supply chain management to strategic positioning and long-term investments, helping businesses exceed their potential.

Directors of Micore Retail boast over 100 years of collective experience across a range of industries, guiding retail owners through a strategy that minimises risk, leverages opportunities and creates a road map for success.

A key subsidiary, iWorld Retail Franchise, was formed using a ‘new generation’ approach to a cluttered industry. With a win win ethos, the business model puts people first which in turn has governed the success of the franchise. The iWorld Brand has evolved from a single mom and pop operation to a four door compliment in KwaZulu Natal, with Master Franchise Licenses in place for both Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. Micore Retail is a suitable partner for any retailer looking to franchise their stores.

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